The Answer is Out There… Just Look for the Right Question

When I was in seventh grade, at Fallston middle school, in my science class we learned about the earth, our teacher taught us about what it was made from and how it worked. while I do not remember exactly what I learned I can remember how I felt when I was learning it, and the feeling was not a good one. I remember sitting in my classroom and thinking that it was a stupid subject that i would never have to use in my life. However, recently on Chesapeake semester we have had classes taught to us by Dr. Doug Levin about the same material that I learned when I was in seventh grade. This time while listening to what Dr. Doug was talking about I realized that what he was saying was a very interesting subject that can tell people a lot about the world.

Geology is the reason that people know the age of the earth, and because of the field people have learned about the way that the world is able to work like it does no matter if they are talking about the changing of the continents or the types of sand and why they look like they do. While the field of geology is one that I now realize is interesting one thing that Dr. Doug said is a line that relates to geology and can relate to many other fields. during the whole class Dr. Doug would say that you already know the answer the object is to find the question. One example of this theory working in geology is how it was proved that the the continents had shifted originally. After discovering fossils of the same species that span all over the planet the question that would have to be asked is how did they get there if they could not walk or swim. he answer is that they had to walk because it is the only option but since they had to walk they could not if the continents were how they look today.

While they theory that Dr. Doug has about the answer already being presented works in the field of geology, it also works while going about your normal life. So always remember that the answer is out there you just have to find the right question to ask.


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