From the Past to the Present: Part Two

In my post From the Past to the Present: Part One i talked about the first half of our journey starting from Chino Farms up to when we visited Colonial WiIliamsburg. However after Williamsburg we went up to Annapolis MD.

During the two days in Annapolis we walked around the present day town, we saw the flags that support the Naval base and and the shops that sell the Maryland flag gear. But during this time, even with the new shops that take over the buildings every where you step you are stepping back in history. it could be if you are walking on the brick roads or looking at the historic buildings that surround you with every step that you take on those roads.

The second day that we were in Annapolis we took a walking tour. However this was not a tour given by one of the companies that give tours, it was given by Jane Cox who works for historic Annapolis she gave us a tour of many old buildings that make up the town. Due to these tours I have realized how important architecture is to history.

This past week while back at the normal classes we walked around Chestertown in order to look at the historic architecture that is around us. The houses that we saw were able to take us on a trip into he past just by looking at buildings. We saw many different style houses from Georgian style which dates back to the 1700’s even up to houses that are more commonly exist today. However one style that we did not see while walking around, were houses that were built during the time that Greek revival was popular during 1825-1860. these houses not being present in the town suggest that people were not making enough money in order to build houses or building in the town at that time.

The example of houses not being in the town is just one example of the way that architecture can show what the past was like even withing the present.


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