Chesapeake ethic

During peoples life  they are asked the what is your ethic. Recently during one of my classes I was asked to think about what my ethic is. i have come to discover that there are many answers to that question and it is hard to choose just one. The definition of ethic is a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct. After reading this definition  it is easy to see why it is such a hard question to answer. After giving it a lot of thought I realized that I have many ethics about many different things that has to deal with my family, my life and many other different things when it comes to the Chesapeake bay however it is simple my moral principle is that the bay needs to be saved and anyway that can be done means that it should be done. However I know that it is a very hard to do that without causing more problems. recently in one of my classes we read the article called solving for pattern by Wendell Barry he is a farmer from Kentucky and in his article he says that there are three types of solutions two of those types don’t solve the problem and the third type does solves it. The problem with the third part is that it calls for a solution that causes no other problems while if that happens it would be a victory for all involved it is almost impossible to do every thing comes at a price even when medicines are created people can become sick due to the medicine. Due to the fact that it is almost impossible to solve problems with out causing more I know that there are constraints that need to happen. After thinking about the different problems that would come up it changes my ethic to do all that is necessary to save the bay but know that you can not do everything.


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