My Chesapeake Ethic

I have spent this last semester traveling around the Chesapeake Bay. Within that time I have met many people who work on or for the bay. After talking to these people I have learned that there is no one out there who does not believe that the bay is in trouble. The problem arises with […]

Mayan culture…then and now

The Mayan culture is one that has been around for thousands of years, and has rich history and traditions that are still celebrated today. However, the culture that was present centuries ago is different from the culture that we see today. One way that the differences have come about is due to the impacts that […]

Environmental services

Today is the fourth day of journey two for Chesapeake Semester and so far we have hiked in Susquehanna State Park, kayaked at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, and gotten as close as we could to the base of the Conowingo Dam. With more days to come on the journey I look forward to what lies […]

From the Past to the Present: Part Two

In my post From the Past to the Present: Part One i talked about the first half of our journey starting from Chino Farms up to when we visited Colonial WiIliamsburg. However after Williamsburg we went up to Annapolis MD. During the two days in Annapolis we walked around the present day town, we saw […]

Chesapeake ethic

During peoples life  they are asked the what is your ethic. Recently during one of my classes I was asked to think about what my ethic is. i have come to discover that there are many answers to that question and it is hard to choose just one. The definition of ethic is a set of […]